Mission Statement
World Camp enriches the lives of children in disadvantaged communities worldwide. World Camp builds self-worth and encourages community pride by raising awareness about locally challenging issues. World Camp aids in every community’s mission to have happy, educated children with aspirations for the future.

Who is World Camp?
World Camp, Inc. is a non-profit organization committed to empowering children in impoverished communities around the world through education. Since 2000, World Camp has worked in rural schools and street shelters in several countries teaching children about challenging issues that affect their future and communities. World Camp carries out its mission through a strong volunteer base of individuals committed to helping others as well as experiencing different cultures and countries. World Camp currently offers volunteer programs in Malawi of Africa, Tela of Honduras and Ahmedabad of India. World Camp teaches HIV/AIDS prevention, nutrition, gender equality, environmental awareness and human rights. For more information about World Camp volunteer programs, please select a program below.

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All New! Malawi High School Program

How World Camp Started
World Camp was founded in 2000 by university students following their travels throughout southern Africa. Seeing the

devastating effects of HIV/AIDS and the challenges it placed on children and their communities, these students met with various ministries of education in order to establish contacts and evaluate specific country and regional needs.

The founding World Camp team consisted of ten university students who researched effective teaching methods and developed curriculums for World Camp Malawi’s educational outreach programs. Relying on the support of friends and family, the original World Camp team was able to raise funds to cover program costs for the first World Camp program. The pioneers of World Camp traveled to Malawi, Africa and conducted 21 World Camp educational outreach programs in regional rural primary schools.

World Camp Tax Information
World Camp is currently exempt of tax federally and in the state of North Carolina. Most donations to World Camp are tax deductible. If you have any questions, please call the World Camp office at 888-297-9669.

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If you are interested in more information, please contact World Camp at 888-297-9669,
email [email protected], or use the World Camp Online Information Request Form.