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Why volunteer with World Camp?
World Camp’s direct, hands-on approach assures that volunteers engage locally challenging issues in an effective and rewarding manner. Unlike many other programs, World Camp does not transfer its volunteers to small community-based organizations or to massive international aid agencies. World Camp volunteers are trained, hosted, and directed by a professional American staff who work diligently with volunteers to ensure that camps and other projects are efficient and productive. 

World Camp has developed a curriculum that empowers young people to make healthy decisions, allowing them to be the positive change their communities so desperately need. World Camp is fixing clear targets on the challenges face in their communities. World Camp is motivating young people to take pride in making healthy decisions for themselves and others.

Young people are the greatest hope we have for controlling the spread of HIV/AIDS. Each and every child has a right to knowledge and skills that can reduce their vulnerability. The success of World Camp’s efforts can be attributed to the experiences the World Camp program creates. The World Camp experience revolves around respecting and involving young people while at the same time being sensitive to their respective culture. World Camp aims to create safe and supportive environments integrating a gender perspective, while addressing risk, vulnerability, prevention, and support.

What will World Camp be for you?
It’s amazing how close you can become with someone in only 5 short weeks-people you have never spoken with before stepping on an airplane together. It’s hard not to become close to someone when you’re thrust in the middle of a life altering experience. The overwhelming sense of heartache is easier to digest and that glimmer of hope is easier to hold on to when you open up to those around you. World Camp provides a foundation for forging new and unique friendships, a vault of experiences that together will become the best memory of your life. In a few short weeks you will be exposed to a variety of personalities, backgrounds, and views, all of which will provide you with a well-rounded experience.

As your personal World Camp journey unfolds you will be accompanied by a team of Malawian college students local to the communities World Camp is assisting – each eager to share thoughts about life, love, and religion. Amidst your new friendships you will remember the days that started before the night ended. You will remember jostling down dirt roads as the sun slowly reveals the magnificence of bright eyed children with two handed waves, women carrying firewood on their heads and sleeping babies on their backs.

In addition to the lasting friendships you make as a member of the World Camp team you will also gain valuable life and leadership skills. You will be immersed in a place where people live life deliberately and simply. World Camp hopes that you will be able to learn what you can live without and to value what you have. You will be constantly challenged as the World Camp program forces you out of your comfort zone, and as you take responsibility for yourself and others. Working and living closely with others in challenging situations will push the limits of World Camp team dynamics. It will require you to discover a truer version of yourself.

You will be taken away a myriad of memories and invaluable experiences that upon reflection may seem a bit surreal. Your World Camp journey will begin within and lead you outward as you camp among hippos, elephants, and baboon troops, experience thousands of smiling children, eager teachers, and curious strangers. World Camp hopes you will see the glimmers of hope for the AIDS epidemic and be proud of what you did and the ways in which you did it. Just as important as the work you will do are the lessons you will take away, the lessons about how to live the rest of your life.

Africa has a way of making its self known to all of your senses, join us and let the ‘warm heart of Africa’ wake up your senses, your mind, and fill your soul.

World Camp Volunteer Journal Entry:

“I just keep wondering if everyone will be able to see the changes inside me? When I tell everyone about watching the sun rise and set over the African horizon-will the colors be reflected in my eyes? How can I tell them about feeding hundreds of children if they can’t picture rounded bellies and skinny arms? This has been the absolutely most amazing experience in my entire life. On this trip I have found amazing people who have both made me laugh and held me while I cried. I am so blessed to have been given this opportunity to do something- no matter how small my part. I can only hope at least one child will stop and think twice about what we have said, and then none of this would have been in vain. Thank you Africa for peace and the missing part of myself I have finally found. Malawi is happiness.”
                    -Margo Mullinax, World Camp Volunteer 2003

Malawi Volunteer Program Dates:

January Session 1 (4 wk approx 1 Jan-30 Jan)
January Session 2 (5 wk approx 1 Jan-6 Feb)
Summer Session 1 (5 wk approx 25 May-30 Jun)
Summer Session 2 (5 wk approx 30 Jun-2 Aug)
Summer High SchoolSession (5 wk approx 4 Jul-2 Aug)


Honduras Volunteer Program Dates:

Summer Session (5 wk approx 30 Jun-31 Jul)


India Volunteer Program Dates:

Summer Session  (5 wk approx 30 Jun-2 Aug)


*This program fee is tax deductible in the US.
*This does not include airfare. The cost of airfare to Malawi is generally between $1400 and $2000 from the USA and $800 to $1000 from Europe. The cost of airfare to Honduras is between $500 and $1000 from the USA. We will be glad to help you find your ticket and add the cost onto the program fee.
*This cost is subject to change.
*Note to Non-U.S. Residents: All fees must be paid in U.S. dollars. To convert the program fee to your currency at the current exchange rate, visit Xe.com. 

Program Fee Includes

  • In-country perspectives that includes excursions to nearby points of interest, special events and discussions with a variety of local cultural, professional, governmental and community agencies and people.
  • Housing, providing you with a comfortable, safe place to live, the basic amenities, most of your meals, and transportation in country.
  • An experienced U.S. based World Camp Program Manager (and former volunteer with World Camp) who will serve as your coordinator, guide, and liaison with our in-country staff.
  • In-country basic language assistance (optional)
  • Professional, locally-based staff to provide orientation, supervision, assistance and guidance throughout your stay.
  • Transportation to Zambia for safari and to the lake for relaxation.
  • Important documents, including in-depth volunteer handbook, orientation information, curriculum, and all in-country informational materials.
  • Country-based airport transportation.
  • Local phone calls.
  • In-coming international phone service.
  • Outgoing international phone service for emergencies.
  • All scheduled program expenses.
  • Two t-shirts.
  • Drinking water.

What is not included in the program fee?

  • Costs associated with obtaining immunizations.
  • Airport departure taxes.
  • Personal Internet time and long-distance (international) phone calls.
  • Laundry service.
  • Lodging and food when on holiday or non program related activities.
  • Personal items.
  • Traveler’s Insurance.

For further description of daily activities in each program. select program below….

Malawi Program                Honduras Program

India Program    Frequently Asked Questions

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Apply for a World Camp Program
You will be notified by email of the receipt of applications submitted online. World Camp features a rolling application process; there are no deadlines, applications are received until program has reached capacity. Waitlists may apply for popular programs.

An application also may be printed (see below link) and submitted by mail to:

World Camp Inc
PO Box 20186
Winston-Salem, NC 27120-0186

Printable Application

If you have any questions or are interested in more information, please contact World Camp at 888-297-9669, email [email protected], or use the World Camp Online Information Request Form.